CT Dent Intra-Oral-scanner-80x80 Case of the Month Pre-implant Assessment
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December 11, 2018
CT Dent Past-Present-and-Future-CBCT-80x80 Case of the Month Pre-implant Assessment
Past, Present and Future CBCT
January 14, 2019

Case of the Month Pre-implant Assessment

CBCT Scanner: Instrumentarium OP300
CBCT Imaging Protocol: 50x50x50mm, 0.125 voxel
Effective Dose: 0.05 mSv
Clinical Information: Assessment of LL6 site for implant planning

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Osseous Structures: No abnormalities detected

Dental findings:

Mandible: recent extraction socket with bone healing in the area of 36 with residual restorative material at the surface of the crest

Impressions and recommendations:
Measurements are provided to give an approximate idea about the bone volume in the suggested implant site. An area of idiopathic osteosclerosis is seen in the area of 37. This is considered a variation of normal bony pattern and does not require any additional assessment.

Basic Report for Pathology only. Clinical Information: Implant analysis requested. Relevant History: pre implant placement and bone levels LLQ.