Cephalometric CEPH Tracing

Cephalometric tracing (CEPH Tracing) is a digitally rendered, overlay drawing produced from a cephalometric radiograph. Superimposed CEPH tracing are used to facilitate CEPH x-ray analysis to evaluate dental treatment plans and dental/facial growth changes.

Digital CEPH Tracing

Tracing a cephalometric radiograph has traditionally been one of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of any cephalometric x-ray examination. While the initial x-ray can be completed within minutes, the post X-ray analysis can take much longer – especially when using a more traditional method of ‘hand tracing’ of the CEPH radiograph.

“Digitally tracing cephalometric radiographs ensures more accurate measurements and is a great tool for medical professionals today”

Digital CEPH tracings allow for increased accuracy of cephalometric measurements and analysis, and a faster report turnaround. More importantly many medical professionals have turned to digital CEPH tracing to ensure that patients receive the best and most accurate treatment plans. Additionally, by locating measurements digitally, dentists and doctors can easily compare a patient’s cephalometric measurements to normative values across gender, sex, and other demographic averages.

Click on the image below to open up an example of a CT DENT CEPH tracing report


Artificial Intelligence and CEPH Tracing

Digital tracing can now be further enhanced by the use of Artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry by the use of deep learning to further automate and increase accuracy in radiological diagnostics. CT Dent is at the forefront of these technological advances – its AI software traced an inferior alveolar nerve / inferior dental nerve in 4.5 seconds, the first time in dental history. In addition to using AI for CEPH tracing reports, CT Dent has spent a considerable amount of time developing and testing its AI technology enabling scans to be processed in a matter of seconds with a 99.7% success rate. Although AI is deemed to be accurate, CT Dent processing team continues to quality control all tracings.