Here is what just some of our satisfied clients across the dental profession have to say about our dental CT scanning and working with us:

The CT Dent service is easy to use and it’s good to be able to book my patients in online while they are with me in the surgery.
Dr D.H
I like the convenience, quality and price of the CT Dent service.
Dr A.S.(.N.L.I.U.)
CT Dent provides a convenient, quick and reliable service – all at a reasonable cost.
Dr. D.C
CT Dent provides an excellent service – very convenient and at good rates.
Dr. L.P
CT Dent have a good friendly sales guy, Suk Patel, who always looks after you. I wouldn’t want to change anything about their service – everything’s just fine!
Dr M.S
Your service is professional, fast, reliable and of great quality, as well as charging good fees. Keep up with the good work!
Dr E.R
CT Dent offers good quality scans and I use their service over others because of cost and quality.
Dr D.G
CT Dent provide me with the service I require - online booking is easy and a price is available instantly. Scans are then emailed quickly and the technical help desk is very quick at resolving any questions.
Dr S.S.H
The CT Dent service is very fast, well organised, reasonably priced and provides good quality images.
Dr R.L
I am very happy with the service and value for money you provide my patients.
Mr R.M
Online booking is simple and quick to use - I can book patients in in real time chairside. I prefer the iCAT software as it is very user friendly, easy to view and simple to manipulate. Pictures are also very clear which is not always the case at other clinics. Software support is also very good.
Dr S.P
I am very happy with the CT Dent service. Scans are easy to arrange and it’s great to be able to book evenings and Saturdays. It’s also very good value for money and very easy to download scans - I travel around to many practices so it’s great to be able to view anywhere with wifi.
Dr. G.M
I like CT Dent’s fast and effective appointment planning and clear images. We currently have no OPG machine so the ability to instantly book an appointment for patients helps me greatly.
Dr S.S
I am very happy with your service and I prefer i-CAT to the other system we have got in the hospital near us. It is very easy to work with i-CAT and I am happy to continue my relationship with you.
Dr. S.A.T.F
CT Dent offers a quick, efficient and reasonably priced service and I like the fact I can book my patients in online.
Dr I.B
CT Dent is well priced, simple to book online and has a good location near to a tube station. Appointments are available quickly and it’s an efficient system - they don't keep patients waiting and turnaround of scans is quick.
Dr. G.F
CT Dent charges a reasonable fee and it’s easy to advise the patient due to the flyers and the on-line info to which they can also refer. My patients have found that the service has been helpful and friendly. This is, of course, good in itself, but also reflects well on my practice. As a single-handed practice I cannot justify purchasing my own scanner. I feel that some procedures can only be tackled with confidence if I have a three dimensional understanding of the anatomy involved. The results are quick to arrive, whether I choose printed version or on-line download.
Dr J.M
I like CT Dent’s slick online booking and long opening hours.
Dr G.A.R
CT Dent offers easy access to scans and they are easy to save and once saved there is no need to be online to view. You were recommended to me but now that you have the kodak software it’s made me more determined to stay with you.
Dr M.H
The CT Dent service is excellent and efficient, with quick email turnaround. The cost is lowest and the software is easy to use.
Dr B.D
It’s simple to book an appointment - both patient and referrer are kept up to date with progress and scans are downloadable immediately. Also CT Dent is efficient, cheaper than alternatives and the software is easy to use.
Dr V.B
I use CT Dent because it looked to be the easiest company to deal with when I researched CT scans on the internet. You sent a lady to my practice to demonstrate how to access the information I required from the scan on CD. This convinced me to use the service. Many thanks for your help over the last few years.
Dr R.M
You provide good scans with decent prices and I like my online account, which allows easy and immediate access to all my patients' scans. My patients like it when I tell them that your scans are of excellent quality and the cheapest on the market.
Dr. W.C
CT Dent is professional and efficient and the booking process is quick and easy.
Dr I.A
CT Dent are responsive, easy to contact and send the CT scan via email in a timely fashion. Their online service for booking patients is good and easy to navigate.
Dr. S.A
The service is very good and the staff are great.
Dr N.P
The CT Dent service is quick, easy to use, efficient and reasonably priced.
Dr G.P
I feel the CT Dent service is quick and efficient and is based on the principles of forward thinking. CT Dent has a clear referral form and endeavours to build a good, direct client relationship that reduces risk of misunderstanding what is prescribed.
Dr J.O
CT Dent is efficient and quick and value for money. The software is easy for planning.
Dr A.A
CT Dent makes it very easy to book appointments for patients and staff are helpful when there is a query. The service is very 'user friendly' especially the ability to view scans on the website.
Dr S.W
I like being able to book online and the wide choice of appointments including weekends. CT Dent also has the latest and best IMO CBCT scanner (iCAT).
CT Dent has an easy online booking system and good quality scans – all at a reasonable cost.
Dr M.C
CT Dent provide a good and reliable service – I have never had any reason to move on and receive good feedback from patients.
Dr A.A
We had a long search for a radiology service in the UK that is independent and makes images of high quality that we are satisfied with. It is very convenient that you have centres in Manchester and Birmingham, as well as in London. The most important thing for our practice is image quality, and we are very pleased with your service regarding quality, high resolution and accuracy. We were also very pleased with your follow up service, a very friendly member of your staff explained everything we needed to know and guided us through your program when we first received the scan.
Dr N.R
I am a fan of CT-Dent. You are the guys who keep up with the technology and provide the necessary IT support for non techies. Keep up the good work!
A great referral system. Extremely organised and efficient. Thank you :)
I have been using CT Dent in Altrincham for many years now. They offer a 1st class service to us and our patients.
Dr P.Y
CBCT scans