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May 15, 2019
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Case of the month – Diagnosis of a Bony Lump

CBCT Scanner: Instrumentarium OP300

CBCT Imaging Protocol: 50mm x 50mm x50mm 0.125 voxels

Effective Dose: 0.04mSv

Clinical Information: Bony lump in URQ ? osteoma ? odontome ? impacted tooth

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Radiographic Impression: Sinuses: the radiographic findings appear to be consistent with a sinusitis of the right maxillary sinus; the presence of bubbles may be an indication of an acute exacerbation of a chronic sinusitis. Review of the patient's clinical history for chronic allergy or sinusitis is suggested; physician referral for more thorough evaluation is suggested if merited by clinical findings and symptoms.

The following are selected images from the volume illustrating major findings

Clinical Information: Bony lump in URQ ? osteoma ? odontome ? impacted tooth