1What is going to happen on day?
-When you arrive for your appointment, a member of reception will ask you for your name and referral form then ask you to take a seat.
When the radiographer is free with your room, they will call you in and ask to a few questions to confirm that we are scanning the correct area.
You will be asked to bite down on stick while the machine spins around you. As long as you are very still (this includes no swallowing) we will hopefully get the perfect image the first time around.
You will be asked to take a seat outside while the radiographer checks the quality of your scan; this part usually takes 10-15 minutes. Reception will call you shortly after to take any payments and scans
This is the dental scanner and you will be seated /standing throughout the scan. I will position you in the scanner then take a planning view. Following this the scan will start which will take 20 / 40 seconds - please close your eyes and breath slowly through your nose while the scan is taken.
2Can I book an appointment?
-There are several ways you can schedule your appointment, please be sure you have the following, and click here
3How long is the process?
40 minutes in total, you will be in the scanning room for up to 10 minutes and we will need to check the quality of your image which could take time depending on the type of scan you have had.
4I received an email to say to bring in a signed referral
-Not needed for an online form.
5What is your parking situation?
-Depending on which branch you are visiting, select your branch from this drop down menu
Manchester requires a permit –type DOB and name which will show permit
Birmingham- We has free parking spaces in designated bays; please call 01214154792 which will allow you access to the carpark. Please park in any bay on the left hand side.
Leeds- more information coming soon
Nottingham- Chargeable on both First right off Lincoln Street, up the ramp to rear of DenCity, or Parking at the Victoria Shopping Centre
Bristol- We have parking on site, please park in designated bays.
London- Although we do not have designated parking for our patients, there is paid parking on Devonshire Place which you will have to call 02071259090 to pay using your card details. £4.90/hour or £7.35/hour for diesel vehicles
6How much will my scan cost?
-There are a lot of things which factor into the price of our scans, to provide a accurate price you will need to email a picture of your entire completed referral and one of our team will respond to your email.
7How can I pay?
-We take cash, debit card and most major credit cards including MasterCard or American Express
8When will my dentist receive my scan?
-Depending on the software (format) your dentist has asked us to return your scan in, it usually averages 2-3 working days but in some cases up to 5 working days.
9Can I get a copy of my scan?
-Yes we can send you a copy of your scan by email or on CD which comes with the software to view it. The CD will only work on a Windows PC
10Can I eat or drink prior to my appointment?
-Yes please do, we have a water dispenser on site too
11How much radiation is involved?
-The radiation for any dental imaging is at the lowest end of the spectrum for radiation dose. The dose you will receive from one of our scans is the equivalent of that received from a transatlantic flight. When referring you to us your dentist would have weighed up the benefits vs the risks of having the x-ray exposure.
12Do you tell me my results on the day?
-I’m afraid that it has to be the dentist who referred you to us who go over the results of your scan with you
13Do you have disabled access?
-Yes during Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00, please let us know when you are booked in for so we can let you know if we have any problems.
14My dentist said they are unable to open my scan
-We can only provide technical support to your dentist, please ask them to call us directly on 02074875717 to arrange an appointment with our technical support team.
15Why do I need a referral form?
-As there is radiation involved, you will need consent from your dentist to come in for a scan.
16My dentist is abroad, will you scan me?
-Yes, however we will need them to email us directly stating in English; your details, the type of scan needed, the area being scanned and the reason why. Also they will need to provide their name, medical registration number, and practice details. From here, once we vet their licence, we will contact you to schedule your appointment. You will most likely take the results with you on the day.
17Do you provide the lead protection for my scan?
-Lead aprons are not used in dental imaging as there is no evidence to say they are of benefit. The X-rays can actually get in behind the apron. We do have a thyroid shield which can be used but for some scans it can degrade the quality.