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Case of the month – Implant analysis requested. Pre-implant UL1
August 19, 2021
The Future of Dentistry: Exploring the Benefits of Dental Intra-Oral Scanning
February 12, 2024

Our New AI + Human Radiology Reports are here!

We teamed up with DiagnoCat, a world leading AI (Artificial Intelligence) company, to exclusively provide a breakthrough in Dental Radiology reports. Each such report is initially created by DiagnoCat’s powerful Artificial Intelligence technology which analyses CBCT scans or OPG images in mere seconds, producing coloured reports with essential and clear images and detailed interpretive information, suggestions and insights. The AI report is then edited and inspected by our experienced processing team to confirm its accuracy. Our in-house Dental radiologists add their input to the report, when a radiologist’s signature is required. This allows dentists the immense benefits of both human and AI inspection and analysis.


An automatic AI report + Human validation, based on CBCT scan with:
  • Panoramic reformat image (allowing for OPG reimbursements)
  • Colour indication for every tooth (healthy, unhealthy, treated)
  • Extended set of sections (6 sections for each tooth)
  • Description of every tooth (anatomy, pathology and condition)


  • Above 98% accuracy
  • 30 additional findings per case
  • Auto-reconstruction of cross sections o Interactive report, planning tools
  • BI reports of all accounts combined
  • Recommend referrals to specialists
  • Built-in signed Radiologist report when such report is required

Pathologies and Conditions

  • Periodontal bone loss
  • Caries
  • Residual roots
  • Absent teeth
  • Impacted teeth
  • Fillings
  • Endodontically treated teeth
  • Posts
  • Crowns and Implants
  • Unerupted teet
  • Periapical and furcation lesions
  • Irregular findings in the jaws (and referral recommendation to a radiologist when needed

Click here to view a full radiology demo report

Orthodontic Screening for relevant scan

  • Angle class
  • Overjet
  • Overbite and Crossbite
  • Spacing and Crowding


  • Number of roots and canals
  • Periapical and furcation lesions
  • Post-treatment assessment
  • Treatment quality markers: Under/overfilling,
    voids Missed canals


  • Reduces risk – do not miss critical pathologies and irregularities
  • Improves conversation and trust between patient and dentist (unbiased 2nd opinion)
  • Profitable - ×2.5 revenue per new patient (due to in-depth diagnosis and higher trust)
  • Convenient - easier to read and to understand reports, with interactive planning tools